Despite Being Unable to Spell Menstrual, Scott Lloyd's ORR Tracked Teens' Periods on a Spreadsheet 


Last spring, a judge ruled that incompetent scumbag Scott Lloyd and his shit show Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) could no longer prevent underage refugees from legally seeking abortions. However, new documents suggest after the ruling, he continued to track pregnancies in order to do just that.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow revealed documents unearthed by American Bridge, a liberal super PAC, that seem to indicate Lloyd and the ORR were tracking the periods and pregnancies of refugees ages 12-17 as recently as June 2018. The 28-page document was in spreadsheet format, with columns recording deeply personal information such as whether the pregnancy was a result of consensual sex, “gestational age,” and last menstrual cycle (it’s spelled “mentsral” in the spreadsheet).

In 2018, 18 unaccompanied minors sued the Office of Refugee Resettlement (headed by Lloyd) after being denied abortions. Lloyd argued that they had no legal right to end unwanted pregnancies, some of which were the products of rape. A federal judge disagreed, ordering the government to stop blocking the minors’ access to abortion.

Maddow points out that the fact Lloyd continued to track the pregnancies of the minors suggests the ORR may have continued its practice of detaining pregnant minors until it was too late to have a legal abortion, even after the judge ordered them to stop. The latest entries are dated June 2018; the judge issued the order March 30, 2018.

Lloyd, who once wrote an anti-abortion essay so profoundly horrifying a classmate held on to it for 14 years, was fired from his ORR job for being completely terrible at it.

According to Maddow, while these spreadsheets are deeply creepy, the minors whose information was recorded can’t sue on the basis of similarities to dystopian fiction. Though she suggested, “Maybe Margaret Atwood could sue for copyright infringement.”

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