Did Mya Snag a Vacation Boo on Lil' Kim's Girls Cruise?


Mya, Lil’ Kim, and Chilli are chasing waterfalls on VH1’s new reality series Girls Cruise. But where’s my ticket? Although the show’s vague promo initially left me with more questions than answers (Would it be scripted? Where were they going? Who are half of these people? Why is there a man on the girls’ cruise?), I was pleasantly surprised by the first episode.

In Monday night’s premiere, Lil’ Kim invites fellow ’90s music royalty Mya along for a girls’ trip, along with TLC’s Chilli, Kim’s best friend Tiffany Panhilason, and two social media influencers on a cruise from Barbados to Trinidad. (Kim also invited her friend Char Defrancesco, who is Marc Jacobs’s husband. So it’s not entirely a girls’ cruise after all.) But Kim hopes the trip will help her forge stronger bonds with the women with whom she’s mainly interacted professionally before the cruise. Once on board, the group vents about the entertainment industry, dating, and their work-life balance (or lack thereof), all while being pampered on a 13-bedroom yacht staffed with super-hot dudes.

Last week, Mya stopped by Jezebel to talk about what to expect from the rest of the season. Watch the video above to learn whether or not she found a vacation boo, what her her travel necessities are, and more.

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