Didja See the Cute Interracial Gay Couple in the Crate & Barrel Catalog?


The Crate and Barrel catalog that arrived in our mailbox last night has a gaggle of giggling gals on the glassware page, some “snowed in” hipsters in the casual dining section, and then, at the very end, two adorable dudes showcasing cookware.

Under “Us & Always,” the copy reads:

Spend a Saturday night at home, cooking together, dining together. Music, candlelight and a good bottle of wine, and you can have the table as long as you like.


One guy spices up the sauce…

…While his partner drains the pot. These are not euphemisms. Or are they?

Money shot! What a kitchen. There’s a voyeuristic thrill in watching them be intimate together, but truth be told, we’re dying to join in.

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