Dirtcast Goes Live With Aja!


On Sunday night at the Bell House in Brooklyn, America’s pre-eminent trash raccoons, Madeleine Davies and Megan Reynolds (that’s me), took the stage for Dirtcast’s first ever live show!

Joined by Aja from RuPaul’s Drag Race, we talked about drag as an art form and a way of life, caught up on all the dirt we missed in our absence, and also were treated to the most delightful performance of Aja’s single, “Kill Bill,” from their forthcoming album Box Office, out February 7.

Though we were nervous to debut our process to a live audience, I am delighted to say that what resulted was a fun night for one and all. Please enjoy Aja’s performance above, and check out our latest episode below.

Special thanks to The Bell House, Victor Jeffreys and our fabulous guest Aja. Bill Moss is our recording engineer, this episode was mixed by Jamie Collazo. Mandana Mofidi is our executive director of audio. Stuart Wood did our theme music.

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