Disabled Kitty-Cat Takes His First Steps in a Custom-Made Walker


Thumper was rescued from a Redondo Beach yard, where he’d been abandoned along with nine of his little kitty-cat siblings. Vets were dismayed when they discovered that he had a rare neurological condition and couldn’t use his back legs. Hoping to help Thumper keep up with the other kittens, they MADE HIM AN ADORABLE TINY KITTEN WALKER.

Via the Daily Mail:

PACT staff despaired of his chances.
‘His neurological challenges… it’s just so hard,’ says Jane, breaking down.
‘They don’t survive environments like that.’
…’We got him in his walker, and from the minute we put him in, he took off,’ says Jane.
Within weeks, Thumper was racing all over the place in his new walker – and strengthening his legs and back as he went.
When Thumper decided he was strong enough to go it alone, he made it clear to his carers he wanted the walker gone.

Now Thumper can get around on his own, but “with a distinctive walk.” And the best thing about Thumper? YOU CAN ADOPT HIM.

BRB, moving to Redondo Beach.

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