Dita Von Teese To Play Shady Lady On CSI

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According to executive producer Carol Mendelsohn, her character will be a femme fatale like in “the glory days of film noir.” And: “Her character is absolutely unlike what she seems. Prepare to be tantalized and tormented.” [EW]

  • Britney Spears Tweeted while watching her Glee episode last night. Samples: “I know how hard it is to dance with that snake! Nice job….” And: “That’s a serious afro ya’ll!” And: “Jane Lynch scares me.” [Pop Dirt]
  • Nick Cannon is turning 30 in October, and his reps have sent out an email looking for corporate sponsors — $25,000 will get your company Tweeted about three times at his party. “Confirmed” guests at the bash include Mariah Carey, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Will and Jada Smith, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, Kobe Bryant, Quincy Jones and Jamie Foxx. [Page Six]
  • The young lady who claims Ashton Kutcher made love to her on a couch allegedly has a “long history” of abusing drugs and alcohol. A source says: “She’s a total party animal. She drinks every night, and openly talks about being an alcoholic.” [Radar Online]
  • Julianne Moore is awesome, the end. [Page Six]
  • Betty White will join Saturday Night Live cast members when they toast Tina Fey with the nation’s top humor prize at the Kennedy Center in Washington.” [AP]
  • Ooh: Heidi and Seal naked. [Us Magazine]
  • Robert Pattinson and Emma Watson will star together in a “steamy art film” called Dark Arc, and Kristen Stewart is not happy. According to a Britloid mag called Heat, Emma and KStew are “at war” over Rob and Kristen is “living in fear” that Emma is “after” her Twilight costar. And so on, ad nauseum. [MTV.co.uk]
  • Emma Watson had to evacuate her dorm room and someone sent TMZ a picture. [TMZ]
  • Circle the date November 22 on your calendar; that’s when Kanye West‘s new album drops. [Rap-Up]
  • Coming just in time for Christmas: Justin Bieber dolls. [Digital Spy]
  • OMG you guys, the Justin Bieber dolls sing. And wear hoodies. Take a look: [J-14]
  • David Beckham‘s lawyers have served former call girl Irma Nici, who told In Touch that she had sex with Beckham and another hooker. The documents sue Nici for £16million. [Daily Express]
  • David Beckham and wife Victoria will not keep any of the £16million he is suing the former prostitute for; the money will go to the Beckhams’ children’s charity. [Daily Mail]
  • If Irma Nici is smiling in photos taken while she got served, it’s because she gets a cut of the sale of the images. [Page Six]
  • At the link, get the inside story on why the couple from Raising Sextuplets is splitting up. [People]
  • RHONJ castmembers Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita are on the list to testify against Danielle Staub in a federal defamation lawsuit. [Radar Online]
  • Behold: Zac Efron with a “crinky barnet.” In other words: Crimped hair. [The Sun]
  • Madonna had a great Succoth, thanks for asking. [Gatecrasher]
  • Quentin Tarantino has postponed his upcoming roast at the Friars Club after the death of his friend and film editor Sally Menke. Menke, 56, worked on all of Tarantino’s movies, and received Oscar nominations for her work on Pulp Fiction and Inglorious Basterds. She was hiking with her dog in the extreme heat on Monday and failed to return home. [Daily Express, CNN]
  • Someone snapped fuzzy, pixelated cellphone pix of Brad Pitt and Chris Cornell at the American Girl store last weekend and naturally they are on TMZ. (Don’t bother clicking, the photos are boring.) [TMZ]
  • Bristol Palin was in a bar in Alaska last week even though she’s under 21 — but she was there for the nachos. [TMZ]
  • Prince Harry‘s been dumped. [Hindustan Times]
  • Michael Bolton has been kicked off Dancing With The Stars, after his jive was called “probably the worst” in the show’s 11 seasons. [Mirror]
  • Diddy is into the Arctic Monkeys. [Contact Music]
  • Merry from Lord Of The Rings — aka Chaaalie from Lost — won’t be in The Hobbit. [Contact Music]
  • Ciara and Lala have made a video for “It Gets Better.” [Perez]
  • Here is a charming story about Jenny McCarthy‘s pubic hair. [Radar Online]
  • Tyler Perry actress Deitra Hicks acts a hot mess on Divorce Court.” [Tabloid Prodigy]
  • Nadya Suleman tried to raise $10,000 through a yard sale, but only made $2600. [OC Weekly]
  • British TV host Myleene Klass says: “About six months ago, a newly-married Hollywood star asked me to sign some kind of sex contract with him. I met him a few times and when I went to interview him it was like something out of a film.” Who could it be??? [Daily Mail]
  • Katie “Jordan” Price drove recklessly in her giant pink horse trailer, and told the judge: “”I’m just a typical woman driver.” [The Sun>]
  • Cathy Dennis is threatening to sue AwfulPlasticSurgery. [AwfulPlastisSurgery.com]
  • Denise Richards may have had some work done. [NYDN]
  • Mission Impossible 4 will be filmed in Dubai and Lost‘s Josh Holloway will be in it (as well as Tom Cruise). [Reuters, Reuters]
  • Sigh. Star Wars in 3D. Why. Why? [Deadline Hollywood]
  • Three men who star on Deadliest Catch have quit the show. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • “We are in [the development phase of] pre-production with HBO and BBC [Worldwide Productions] to do a miniseries. It’s exciting. I probably shouldn’t say too much about it except that I understand that there’s a thousand hurdles before anything shows up in your TV listing. It’s been an interesting and very educational process and it cleared the HBO hurdle a few months ago and now we’re writing drafts back and forth. So it’s very much alive and incubating at the moment.” — Trent Reznor, on the “grim” sci-fi series that he has created. [LA Times]
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