Doctor Accused Of Insemination Voyeurism


An osteopath charged with “a litany of perverse transgressions” is accused of inviting staffers to watch an insemination… This, after he’d had the couple get it on in the office bathroom.

According to the former staffers suing the Dr. Edward Kleiner for sexual harassment, when the doctor “wasn’t talking about the size of his penis or offering gynecological exams to the women who worked for him at Beach and Surf Medical in Long Beach, LI, he was following them outside the office and stalking them when they were out with their boyfriends.” He also exposed himself, carried a sex doll around, and sexted patients. At least he’s not a real fertility specialist, who accepts marijuana in lieu of payment! Anyway, when his employees complained, he said they just needed to get laid. And fired them. Well, according to the civil suit

As to the insemination show, it made said staffers very uncomfy indeed. Recounts the New York Post,

“I refused. I said, ‘I don’t like this, and I don’t think it’s legal,’ ” Romanger told reporters yesterday. “He said, ‘One of you are coming in the room, end of story.’ I felt violated. I don’t want to hear anyone having sex. And we’re the ones who have to clean the office.”

At this point, it’s only charges — but pretty gross ones. Stay tuned, and for everyone’s sake, let’s hope the disturbing resemblance to Anthony Bourdain is just a trick of the light.

LI Office Workers File Complaint Against ‘Pervy’ Doctor [NY Post]
Lawsuit Claims Doc Invited Office Staffers To Watch Insemination [Gothamist]

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