Does Lisa Rinna Realize She's On a Reality TV Show? 


Lying, in general, is a pretty dumb thing to do. Lying while you’re shooting a reality television show that will inevitably log camera footage to catch you in your lies is an especially dumb idea. Enter: Lisa Rinna.

Rinna was the center of her own bullshit storm on Tuesday night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and boy was it hard to muster much sympathy for her and those lips.

Lisa has been running her mouth to Eden I-hug-people-for-too-long Sassoon about Kim Richards’ sobriety for what seems like the entire season of this show. On one hand, this makes sense. Rinna has a big mouth and she hates Kim. On the other, Kyle is a friend of hers and has asked the group repeatedly not to bring up Kim’s issues, yet they all ignore her because you can only talk about diamonds and buying your teen daughter a modeling career for so long.

Eden has been projecting her own history with drug and alcohol abuse and her sister’s overdose onto Kim and Kyle. It has come off as a bit creepy at times because Eden has a strange way of speaking, and as more than concern; it seems like she’s prying into the lives of people she doesn’t know well and who aren’t keen to invite her in. However, Eden’s constant nagging makes more sense when you consider the information Rinna has been feeding her.

Relatedly, God bless Eden’s mother who tells her plainly that she needs to stay the hell out of other people’s business when they make it clear they don’t want your help. I have no doubt Eden will ignore that advice, but at least it’s there.

A few episodes ago we all saw Lisa Rinna tell Eden that Kim isn’t fully sober, is close to death and that Kyle enables her. Eden passed that along to Lisa Vanderpump who obviously couldn’t wait to tell Kyle, who is rightfully furious.

When Lisa Rinna finally arrives in Mexico for a trip with the other women pegged to Maurico’s real estate company opening an office in Punta de Mita, Kyle of course confronts her and Lisa gives the most bullshit of bullshit excuses: She doesn’t remember saying those things. Luckily the producers are there with quick inserted clips from past episodes to remind us that yes, Lisa Rinna said exactly all those things. Oh sure, she said “They’re this close to Kim dying” instead of “Kim is close to death” and it’s sort of cute how Rinna acts like the slight difference between those two sentences is at all relevant.

What I loved about this scene is how every single woman knew Lisa Rinna was absolutely full of shit and each one was completely unable to hide it. Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump knew it. Erika knew it. Dorit knew and we saw how she wisely saved herself from getting involved in this mess by keeping her mouth shut when Eden previously had repeated Rinna’s gossip to her.

Even Lisa Rinna’s BFF Eileen knew her friend was lying and did her best to run interference, despite trying to manage a bout of diarrhea along with her unwise decision to wear a white dress.

Lisa Rinna gets caught in her own lies, admitting that if she did say those things about Kim, she didn’t do it with malicious intent. Is there a weaker argument than that? Just because you didn’t mean to say something cruel doesn’t mean the words weren’t cruel. She seems to be sticking with that story, however, repeating this nonsense on her Bravo blog about the episode.

Still, what might be most egregious is how she flagrantly crumples Eden up into a ball and bowls her right in front of the bus. The fact is, Eden didn’t twist your words at all—and that’s what you’re actually mad about. Lisa promises to confront Eden and complains that she “let her in too quickly” when what she means is: I assumed Eden would be like Eileen and keep her mouth shut about all the shit I say about these women. It didn’t work with Yolanda and Munchausen-gate and I doubt it’ll work now.

Regardless, even if Eden hadn’t said anything, the footage would have aired and Kyle and Kim would have seen it eventually, so I’m not sure what Rinna’s game plan is here.

The good news is, everyone else other than Rinna and had a strong episode in my book. Kyle and Mauricio got richer. Eileen and Lisa Vanderpump showed themselves to be loyal to their respective best friends. Lisa Vanderpump still can’t stand Lisa Rinna, so I would question her motives somewhat, but she did stand up for Kyle who has a tendency to get flustered in these types of situations. In her Bravo blog Eileen is basically all: Yeah, Rinna is a liar but I still like her.

Erika looked incredible as usual and strongly encouraged Rinna to tell the truth—you could seen in Erika’s eyes she knew this shit was on tape. And Dorit got a Birkin bag for jumping off a yacht.

There were so many Lisa Rinna lowlights this episode, but I’m just going to leave you with this:

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