Don't You Dare Insult Kim Zolciak's Intelligence


On last night’s episode of Real Housewives, as the women convened for a relaxing day in a spa reception area, Phaedra and Kim began screaming at each other about stripping, convicts, foreclosures, and an “alien baby.”

Phaedra had heard, second hand, that Kim called her then-unborn baby an alien. What really happened is that Kim was doubting Phaedra’s story that her OB/GYN would induce her at seven months because her baby was too big. Kim has a nursing degree, so she knows about biological things of that nature. Phaedra found the idea of Kim being an educated professional even more fantastical than a magically-overgrown fetus. She voiced this concern, which got Kim so worked up that she had to readjust her wig.

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