Drag Race Winner Alaska Advocates for Equal Pay in New Video: 'No Seriously, What the Fuck?'


Thursday night’s finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars was bittersweet: while my heart was rooting for Katya, my mind knew Alaska deserved her sweep, though I couldn’t help but wonder what might have happened had Alyssa Edwards not been (WRONGLY) sent home in the penultimate episode.

And yet, we of course love Alaska in all her weird and sly humor, and as a musician she is a delight (2015’s Anus was one of the best albums of the year). In her latest video for “The T,” featuring Adore Delano, she drops one of my favorite voices of the year: “I smash some pumpkins/rat in a cage/let’s pay women an equal wage.” And then an ad-lib, in her signature over-it vocal fry: “No seriously. What the fuck.”

In keeping with the title, Alaska spills tea on her own exes, former allegiances with other queens (including Willem) and, a little, the inner workings of Drag Race All-Stars. Delano, who chose to go home after the first episode, lays down the hook, and Alaska sheds a little light on her departure: “I can’t blame you Adore. They went in really harsh that first day. And if it had been me in your position, who knows, I might have done the same thing.” She also includes several of the season’s queens and includes the statement she made in her acceptance speech: “Anusthing is possible.” Indeed it is!

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