Drake and Rihanna Got Matching Shark Tattoos 

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Drake and Rihanna’s relationship officially has teeth! At a performance in New Orleans on Saturday night, Drake displayed a camouflage shark on his left arm to match the one Rihanna affixed to her ankle Wednesday night.

Earlier this week there had been speculation that Rihanna’s new ink might be a reference to Drake, specifically to a dalliance at the Toronto aquarium where Drake reportedly bought Rihanna a plush toy shark.

This is some true adoration. If Rihanna wore army pants and flip-flips, Drake would buy army pants and flip-flops

[Daily Mail]

Leslie Jones has returned to Twitter after a nearly two-week-long social media hiatus, likely precipitated by a flood of hate speech and harassment directed at her. Jones hadn’t tweeted since August 23, one day before her website was hacked for a second time, her personal information—including her passport, driver’s license and photos—distributed throughout the Internet.

The Ghost Busters star jumped right back into it, without any acknowledgment of her hacking haters. Her first tweet was about her love of the TV show The Golden Girls.

[Us Weekly]

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