Drake Got So Upset When the DJ Played the Wrong Drake Song at Serena’s Fashion Show

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Drake is sad. Some of his music was played during Serena Williams’s fashion show Tuesday, but the DJ messed up and played the wrong version of “Back to Back.” Out of respect for his girlfriend (as well as Anna Wintour), Aubrey had requested that the clean version be used, but the audience got the explicit one instead.

After the show, things got a little messy. Reports Page Six:

“All of a sudden he came busting out from the backstage into the runway area and approached the DJ,” says a spy. “There was an animated discussion and Drake was upset,” the witness continued. ”The DJ kept raising his arms as if to say, ‘It wasn’t my fault.’”

The spy continued:

“I played the mix I was given,” and “This is what they gave me,” the noticeably rattled DJ was heard pleading with fuming Drake before the rapper stormed off.

Who’s “they”? I have one guess:

[Page Six]

Leonardo DiCaprio was “mesmerized” by a recent taping of Keeping Up With the Kardashians in New York City. The Kardashian Klan was filmed at a New York Fashion Week party for Galore magazine (Kylie’s on this month’s cover), and DiCaprio couldn’t help but be “amused” by the entire experience. A source who was also at the party told Page Six, “Watching DiCaprio watching the Kardashians film their show from across the room was pretty entertaining.” It probably looked something like this:

Amber Rose loves Matt McGorry.

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