Drive-In "Sex Boxes" To Shield Swiss Hookers From View

  • Police in Switzerland are planning on building a series of “sex boxes” that will allow drivers to approach prostitutes without the whole messy street walker thing getting in the way. They will also help hide sex workers from society.

“We can’t get rid of prostitution, so have to learn how to control it,” explained a spokesman for the police.

  • A survey of almost 2,000 workers showed that four out of five women believe they are discriminated against because of their gender. Equally depressing: they also found that two out of three men believe they can get away with being less productive with a female boss.
  • A recent study from the University of Pittsburgh found that moms who breastfeed are significantly less likely to develop diabetes than moms who bottle-feed or women who have never given birth. Researchers believe this is due to decrease in maternal belly fat brought about by breastfeeding.
  • A tiny, pea-sized frog has been discovered living in carnivorous plants on Borneo Island. The miniature frog was named Microhyla nepenthicola, after the pitcher plant where the species lives. Scientists have called the discovery a “curiosity.”
  • A Catholic women’s group is launching a poster campaign to ordain female priests in Scotland and England. The Catholic Women’s Ordination has timed their £15,000 push to coincide with Pope Benedict’s visit to the UK. Members of the CWO claim that they have many priests among their ranks, but sadly most of them are unwilling to come forward for fear of retribution.
  • Thanks to the prevailing attitude toward abortion in the Rio Grande valley (it’s strongly discouraged), a large number of women have decided to turn to Mexico for over-the-counter abortion drugs like Misoprostol. Though there isn’t a lot of data about the number of women who would rather purchase pills than see a doctor, Dr. Lester Minto says he estimates about 20% of his patients have tried Misoprostol before coming to see him at the clinic.
  • Five women in Springfield, Massachusetts were hospitalized over the weekend for knife wounds. Apparently, there were two separate fights late Saturday night, both of which involved only women. “It’s sad that nowadays, you have women doing, what a lot of times, you saw men doing,” comments some random dude on the local news.
  • Six Saudi women are filing charges against their father for repeatedly turning down their suitors. The sisters, all in their 30s, would like to get married, but their father claimed time and again that, since there wasn’t a woman around to negotiate marriage terms, they had to stay single. The women claim that he rejected many good matches, even though the men were “pious and of good conduct.”
  • Would you pay for YouTube? The execs at Google believe you just might. They also hope to compete with Facebook by launching a service tentatively called “Google Me.” Because that’s exactly what we needed, another forum to broadcast minutiae.
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