Duo Sings All of 2014's Hit Songs in Less Than Three Minutes


The talents of Us the Duo are pretty impressive, as seen in this video of the couple performing a condensed 2014 greatest hits list. But what’s more impressive than that to me are the people who are actually so musically savvy and on top of current hits they recognize and can name every song and artist.

I think I recognized “Shake It Off” and then I trouble had hearing it and tried to turn it up and messed with the wrong setting on my lap and everything got all wonky. The entire thing was like an exercise in making me feel 100 years old. I need a nap now. Get off my lawn.

The couple is currently working on a new album of their own material. Via Buzzfeed:

“[The video] is like our last hurrah with covers for a while,” Michael admitted in an interview with BuzzFeed. While singing other people’s songs is what made them famous, writing and recording their third album is the couple’s “top priority” for 2015. “That means between now and February we have to write fifty songs,” he explained. Leaving little time for covers, six-second or otherwise.

I also recognized “Happy.” Probably only because my mother has so far this year sent me 750 “funny video movies” of people doing their own version of that song. Thanks for that, 2014

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