Duuuude: Salma Hayek Considered Her Baby Weight a 'Disfigurement'

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In an interview with the magazine Glam Belleza Latina, Salma Hayek managed to make the 50 pounds she put on when she was pregnant with daughter Valentina in 2007 sound like she spent 6 months in a cage playing mah jongg with the pinheads in the 1932 movie Freaks.

“I gained so much weight, I got an opportunity to see myself completely disfigured in many different ways – for a very good reason – and I don’t regret it for a second. That’s when I started appreciating my body. The things that I used to criticize, they were not that bad after all.”

“Disfigured!” Holy shit. I am hoping that this is some sort of language issue, because she goes on:

“We’ve got to fight for our confidence every day in modern life because we live in a society that is very harsh to women… You have to be smart and successful and a good mother and beautiful and young and skinny forever.”

One of us, gooble gobble, one of us. [The Mirror]

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