Elementary School Newsletter Shows Different Curriculum For Boys and Girls


A newsletter sent to parents of grade school students in Texas showed very different curricula scheduled for the boys and girls. During a monthly class with the guidance counselor at Borchardt Elementary School, boys in the fourth and fifth grade would be learning about subjects pertaining to “college and career exploration.” What lessons were scheduled for the girls? “Girl Talk,” with subjects like “Confidence—How do we get it and can we have too much?” and “How to form lasting friendships.”

While healthy friendships and self confidence are important things to learn at a young age, those topics should not be restricted to only the girls while the boys get more “serious” topics such as career and living expenses. The newsletter was sent out on Sept 4., WFAA reports. After concerned parents spoke out on social media and phoned the school, a revised newsletter was sent out a week later.

According Meghan Youker, spokesperson of Frisco Independent School District, the counselor planned to teach the students all the same material throughout the year. The college and career lesson was actually scheduled for September, but the newsletter hadn’t been adjusted before it was sent out. The updated version now reflects the same lesson is scheduled for all students.

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