Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis Star in Ryan Murphy's Scream Queens


As American Horror Story has proven, when Ryan Murphy gets attached to an actor, he sticks with ’em, through and through. Over the last couple seasons, 23-year-old Emma Roberts has proven to be his golden child, of sorts, landing strong leading roles in Coven and Freak Show. In Scream Queens, his new comedy-horror for Fox, he makes it really really real, giving her a lead role alongside Jamie Lee Curtis—and with a placement on a prime network, also giving her the chance to break out on a much larger scale.

Jamie Lee Curtis should need no introduction, but she’s a horror vet herself. If you have not seen 1978’s Halloween, see Halloween.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Scream Queens season one is focused on college campus murders, and there are two other young women in the lead roles in addition to Roberts (there is also a dad counterpart to Curtis, presumably the mom). Like AHS, Scream Queens will have a serial format in which each season takes on a different plot, thus ensuring we are never truly, truly bored with the steez they are offering.

Scream Queens (Murphy World Takeover Remix) is not to be confused with Scream Queens (original version), the reality show in which “ten unknown actresses compete for a role in a horror movie from Lionsgate Films.” But that would be cool, too, and also a horror-comedy.

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