Erykah Badu Made It Onto Yet Another Local Dallas Newscast


Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport grounded flights this week due to an impending storm, leaving locals stranded—including Erykah Badu, who calls Dallas home. CBS-DFW 11 happened to be in her terminal, and wondered what we all were: what does this musical god think when dealing with something so banal? “It’s hard out here,” she answered, “for a pimp.” Say word.

As Pitchfork points out, this is not Badu’s first time at the rodeo: last year she dipped in on New York station Pix11, giving anchor Mario Diaz a little peck on the cheek while he was attempting to report on such scintillating stuff as Shia LaBeouf being arrested. This go-round is a little more legit because CBS11 anchor Steve Pickett sought her out (though another Badu newsbomb would have been awesome as well) and discussed very jovially such topics as bad weather, the airport, and school closures. “Badu school is open, though,” she notes, because Badu school is in fact a lifestyle. She also says that she has to “wait just a little bit longer,” which sounds like a line from her 2003 masterpiece Worldwide Underground.

Steve Pickett is cool. It is also worth noting that when Erykah Badu goes to the airport, she wears her top hat, an Erykah Badu sweatshirt, and a fur coat, giving everyone wearing yoga pants in the TSA line a run for their money.

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