"Evacuistas" Allegedly Clothes-Shopping As Hurricane Approaches


Here on the East Coast, the only thing being covered on the morning and local news is the impending hurricane coming straight at us, and that certainly gets boring after a while. Trust us. So you can imagine our delight when we saw a segment on local fashion!

Only it wasn’t about fashion. No, it was about how New York women were more concerned with looking stylish during the storm than bothering with an emergency kit or stocking up on dry goods. We’d like to point out that they were conducting the interviews in SoHo’s shopping mecca. So, okay: it’s fine that you interviewed women as they were in and around shops, but it’s not okay to imply that the entire city’s lady-population is more concerned with being an “Evacuista” than protecting themselves from potential danger. (This girl bought all of her food and emergency supplies — and a few bottles of wine — last night.) And one more thing: can we all agree to never utter the word “Evacuista” again?

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