Even Neville Longbottom Got Married This Weekend


I’m sorry, did anyone NOT get married this weekend?

Wedding season is in full force. It began slowly in April, with a few wedding pics here and there, but Memorial Day weekend has unleashed the storm. My Instagram feed is basically a Pinterest page of pastel ensembles. There will be no rest until October. You are probably reading this under the tablecloth at a wedding right now, as the buzzed father of the bride gives a slightly too long toast.

We can’t even escape the deluge on Twitter, because that’s where celebrities go to announce they’re married, too. Congrats to Matthew Lewis, the surprise hottie of the Harry Potter film franchise. We thought you were a Hufflepuff nerd, but actually you’re a guy who gets married on the busiest wedding weekend of the year. Happy to have contributed some small part to the ceremony with my spending dollars in theaters.

Was anyone at Longbottom’s wedding this weekend? Did anyone do a wedding Saturday and Sunday? This is the place to complain/celebrate the fact that you won’t have a weekend at home for the next four months.

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