Even Photoshop Can't Erase The Truth About Obama's Past


Today we have an unusual Photoshop disaster. Rather than removing a model’s unsightly human features, a president has been erased from a family snapshot — but not quite.

Jack Cashill, a conspiracy theorist, occasional Fox News guest, and author of the book Deconstructing Obama, wrote in a WorldNetDaily column today that a newly-discovered photograph of President Obama’s grandparents in New York in the early ’80s proves that when he says he was at Columbia University, he was actually gallivanting about Pakistan with possible terrorists.

Here’s the photo, which appeared in David Remnick’s biography The Bridge.

Cashill reveals the “original” photo in an interminable YouTube video and explains:

The other day, I came across this photograph. That’s right. This is Stanley Dunham and Madelyn Dunham sitting in the exact same settings, in the exact same postures. They haven’t moved a muscle, they’re both looking in the same direction, and Barack Obama is nowhere to be found.

Well, except for his knee.

If you’re looking for a laugh, Cashill links to a whole forum devoted to pointing out the alterations to photos of the Obama family going back to his mother’s baby pictures. We’re not sure what the point is here. Do they think Obama never existed? And if so, who’s in the White House turning America into a freedom-hating socialist hell hole?

Barack Obama’s Missing Year [WorldNetDaily via Media Matters]
Update on Obama’s Photoshopped Fake Background History Pictures [Free Republic]

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