Exploding PBR Chicken Sandwich Debuts in Philly, Hipsters Rejoice

In Depth

A new burger in Philadelphia may have set the standard for “things no reasonably sane human would want to eat” by topping a sandwich with a wonton filled with Pabst Blue Ribbon that explodes when you eat the sandwich. See? This is why hipsters ruin everything.

The sandwich, which for some fucking reason the people at a restaurant called PYT are calling The Fried Chicken and Beer Burger despite the fact that there is no actual burger in it (it’s a fucking fried chicken sandwich, you assholes) consists of a Southern-fried chicken patty (which makes sense because it’s a GODDAMN CHICKEN SANDWICH) topped with pimento cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickled green tomato (because they wanted to make me despise it in two ways, I guess), and then a crunchy goddamn wonton filled with hot PBR. According to PYT, “the beer kind of explodes out in the best way.” I’m pretty sure the best way for hot beer to explode all over your face while you’re eating a sandwich is for it not to happen, ever, in even the slightest fashion.

Apparently, the sandwich is only going to be available for a limited time because there is such a thing as a just and loving God, so if food masochism is your thing, get yourself down to PYT. I’d say this sandwich is reflective of Philly as a whole, but that would only be true if it was served with a side of an Eagles fan stabbing an orphan.

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