Ezra Miller’s Behavior Is Getting More Dangerous and Chaotic, and People Are Concerned

The actor faces more allegations of grooming and violence...and apparently really does lead a cult in Iceland?

Ezra Miller’s Behavior Is Getting More Dangerous and Chaotic, and People Are Concerned
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If you thought that Ezra Miller’s cottage core era in Vermont—where they held a family (a mother and her three children from Hawaii) captive in a house stocked with assault rifles—was the worst of their uncontrollable stunts, think again. The Flash actor, who identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, has displayed increasingly erratic and dangerous behavior over the past few weeks, and it’s got strangers and loved ones alike pretty concerned.

On Thursday, Business Insider reported new allegations of grooming and revealed more details about Miller’s long-rumored Icelandic cult. This past June, parents Sara Jumping Eagle and Chase Iron Eyes obtained a temporary protection order from tribal court for their daughter, Tokata Iron Eyes, in an attempt to protect her from increasingly volatile interactions with the actor. The two have known each other for six years now, since the now 18-year-old was a pre-teen, after doing work related to the Dakota Access Pipeline together. In recent months, Tokata’s parents told Insider that Miller had “left bruises’’ on their daughter’s “arms and cheeks, restricted access to her phone, and verbally abused her.”

Over the years, the two have had an extremely turbulent relationship, with conflicting reports of Miller inflicting abuse upon Tokata and the teen insisting that the actor was saving her from her overly controlling parents. The relationship even cost Miller the friendship of longtime music collaborator Oliver Ignatius, who was witness to their abusive and potentially sexually inappropriate interactions. The drug-filled, jet-setting, weed-farm-staying runaway saga seems to be held at bay with the aforementioned order. At least for now.

Insider spoke with a total of 14 sources, all of whom shared accounts of Miller having “emotional outbursts, carr[ying] firearms, or left them feeling unsafe.” The story includes an interview with a mother in Massachusetts who said she believes that Miller tried to groom her 11-year-old child this past February, telling them, “I want to invest in your future. I want to make you somebody.”

The actor has long been known to target vulnerable minors, some of whom they have been grooming for years. Even their “genre queer” band, Sons of an Illustrious Father, seems to have held shows as a ploy to bring more young people under Miller’s wing. An old show poster calls “youth up to the front,” requiring that all people in attendance over the age of 21 be accompanied by a minor. Incredibly sketchy.

As for the cult: In 2020, the actor rented an AirBnb in Iceland that they transformed into a mattress-littered commune, waxing poetic on the daily about the importance of social justice to a doting group of “Icelandic artists, expats, and spiritual confidants.” But Miller’s guests were far from sleeping on beds of roses: According to those who were there, days at the house were filled with psychological abuse and intimidation, with the actor’s “hospitality” perpetually hanging over their heads.

In recent years, the actor has made less-than-flattering headlines after violent behavior in public. In April of 2020, Miller chokeslammed a woman at a bar while out and about in Reykjavik around the same time that rumors about the cult began to surface. This past spring, the Fantastic Beasts star was arrested for disorderly conduct after throwing a chair at a woman at a karaoke bar in Hawaii, which caused sustained injuries.

Loved ones who spoke with Insider described Miller as being out of touch with reality, with “fame, their wealth, their earning potential, their whiteness, and their beauty,” working together to enable their behavior, which up until now, seems to have been going largely unchecked. And with Miller’s actions becoming increasingly difficult to turn a blind eye to, it’s tough saying what this means for their future in Hollywood. Will this be enough to cancel Miller for good, or will this be the wakeup call they need to finally seek help?

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