Father Detained in South Korea Over Son's Adorable Passport Drawings


I’m all for encouraging kids to draw (and then asking them what the hell they drew because, kid, that looks nothing like a car, okay?), but when I have kids I am going to keep all of my most important documents as far away from them as possible, because, as one dad learned, your child’s artistic talent could get you detained in a foreign country.

The dad in question is a Chinese man (only known as Chen) who posted a plea for help on a social networking site after his adorable and precocious (I’m assuming) son drew pictures all over his dad’s passport. I don’t know what happened, but in my mind I imagine the dad lamenting the fact that he couldn’t grow a mustache or a full mane of hair (in manner of lion) and the kid resolving to give his dad that mustache come hell or high water. Well, now the father has been detained in South Korea and it appears that he may be there until he can get a new passport.

But at least everyone gets to see Junior’s art now? Keep reaching for your dreams, Kid!

Image via Youtube

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