Fire Walk With Me Into This New Twin Peaks Teaser Trailer! 


Oh my god, Twin Peaks is truly in the works, and this new production trailer from its future home Showtime gives us a little (very little) teaser peek into what will eventually, hopefully, be Twin Peaks but scarier, more vulgar, and more explicit thanks to the god-given invention that is cable tee vee, baby!

While we still have a full year before this brilliant gift debuts, we do know a few things about it: the extension series is set in the present day, but Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey) and Sheryl Lee (Laura) will be in the cast. How the latter fits in to a plotline set 25 years after her character’s death is anyone’s guess, but hopefully it will involve The Arm (aka The Man From Another Place) and some creepy scenes where everyone speaks like a rewound cassette tape. David Lynch co-wrote the series with Mark Frost and, after a brief bump in the road where he walked off the project (auteurs can be so temperamental sometimes), he’s now back in the director’s chair, with Angelo Badalamenti coming back to drop some ill, creepy soundtrack jams into the already-eerie atmosphere.

And, as the trailer reminds us, Twin Peaks the place is as eerie as one can imagine. “It just touches something in the psyche,” says actor Michael Horse, who plays Tommy “Hawk” Hill, and will obviously be returning for this episode. “It’s almost like being in a moving painting.” With aerial shots of the show’s iconic opening-credit waterfall (Snoqualmie Falls, in the verdant and remote woods of rural Washington), set designers are seen installing the “Welcome to Twin Peaks” sign like, we’re really back, guys. They’re really back, guys!

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