Florida Homecoming Queen to Be Tried As an Adult in One of the Few American Voter Fraud Cases With Actual Evidence

Florida Homecoming Queen to Be Tried As an Adult in One of the Few American Voter Fraud Cases With Actual Evidence
Image:Marcus Ingram (Getty Images)

In October of last year, just days before a certain former popularity contest winner with a penchant for too-dark fake tanner and theatrics would start throwing a tantrum over a totally fair election, there was actual election fraud going on down in Florida, where a homecoming queen named Emily Grover disgraced the integrity of that office by allegedly casting 122 votes for herself using her mother’s access to confidential school records. And unlike the drama queen who incited an insurrection over his lost contest, homecoming queen Grover will be facing consequences for her actions.

According to the Washington Post, prosecutors in Florida’s Escambia County say that Emily Grover had access to the confidential files of all her high school classmates via the school system administrator account of her mother Laura Carroll, an assistant principal at another school. Authorities allege that classmates and teachers had witnessed Grover accessing confidential information, including test scores, for years, but because it’s the South, shit only got serious for Grover when the integrity of the homecoming court race was threatened. Now, Grover and her mother are being charged with a fuckton of crimes, some of them felonies:

“Carroll and Grover, of Cantonment, Fla., about 18 miles north of Pensacola, are charged with offenses against computer users, criminal use of personally identifiable information, unlawful use of a two-way communications device and conspiracy to commit those offenses.”

Originally, Grover was suspended, then expelled from her school and her mother was suspended from her job, but as the criminal case moved forward, Grover also, unfortunately, turned 18, which means she’s now being tried as an adult for the crimes.

And while Carroll did admit she had given her daughter access to hundreds, if not thousands, of confidential student records in the past, Grover maintained that her mother did not know about about the election fraud, though prosecutors’ information seems to suggest otherwise:

“In late November, prosecutors say they found that an IP address linked to Carroll and Grover’s home had been used to cast 122 flagged votes. Another IP address, connected to Carroll’s phone, had been used to enter 124 ballots, prosecutors say.”

Following the success of HBO’s QAnon documentary and the absolute shitshow of the fallout from the 2020 election, I assume we’re about to get more self-serious retrospectives on what went wrong than we can shake a stick at. So I am begging, pleading, for whoever decides what documentaries get made to give me one, please, one documentary about what I am hoping is the widespread phenomenon of homecoming queen voter fraud in America with this story as a tentpole. America can’t ignore this problem any longer.

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