Florida Man Holds Gun to Cat's Head and Posts Picture to Facebook


Authorities in Florida are investigating after a disturbing picture was posted to Facebook.

Thomas Mcguinness of Port Charlotte posted the picture to his Facebook page this week and immediately found out no one thought his sick joke (or troubling image of animal abuse) was funny. In fact, police are now investigating him for animal abuse. According to NBC 2, they aren’t taking the images lightly:

“It angers us beyond belief,” Charlotte County Animal Control Division Manager Lt. Brian Jones said.
Animal Control also found pictures on Facebook of Mcguninness pointing a gun at a dog and himself. They are treating this as a possible case of animal cruelty.
“It’s a case of interest, and we just want to prove that the animals are OK and that he’s OK, that’s it,” Jones said.

The picture, seen below, truly is disgusting and seems to be yet another sad product of the tired “HERP DERP I GOT ME A GUN HERP DERP ‘MURICA SECOND AMENDMENT” culture our country has been consumed by in recent years. We get it; you have a gun. Congratulations. If you really feel the only way to show that off is to take pictures of yourself threatening defenseless animals, something is fucking wrong with you. When you think it’s funny or clever to show of your gun by threatening a helpless animal like a cat, even in jest, you have failed the human race as a productive contributor.

Clearly lacking any kind of recognition for how troubling and awful this is, and believing himself to be some kind of heroic Internet Shecky Greene who’s just harmlessly yucking it up, Mcguinness deleted the picture and posted the following: “don’t know why everybody so mad about a cat we only shot it twice.”

Yeah, that’s really great dude. Really great.

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