Florida Plagued With Poison Toads


Enough with the reboots already. Too many frogs plaguing a hot, weird place has been done, and this just seems like a cynical attempt to get us on board for the eight sequels and bloody prequel.

Because Florida apparently has not been plagued with enough pestilence and darkness by bearing the blight of Mar-a-Lago, the state is currently overrun with cane toads, which secrete a milky, poisonous substance that is toxic to humans and pets.

These dangerous, yet appetizingly glazed animals are a recurring problem in Florida, killing pets that can’t resist them when they appear in droves after heavy rains, so much so that there are businesses with names like Toad Busters dedicated to ridding South Florida of toxic toads. One exterminator says he can pick up “200 to 300 in an evening.”

For those at home playing end times Bingo, if we’re following the order of the originals, next up is lice.

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