For $42M, Jennifer Aniston's Insanely Gorgeous Bachelorette Pad Could Be Yours


Famous single gal Jennifer Aniston used to be married to this guy who was into architecture. Then they got divorced. Years later, she set upon the task of building her own damn dream house. The Bali-inspired surroundings took 2½ years to perfect, and involve reflecting pools, wood harvested from fallen trees, city-to-ocean views, five bedrooms, 8.5 baths, a pool with a cabana, a game room, a Japanese spa, a powder room, and an office. But Ms. Aniston is giving up this California oasis…to move to the mecca of overpriced real estate, New York.

According to, the 10,000 — TEN THOUSAND — square foot Beverly Hills estate is on the market for an “eye-popping” $42 million. It’s only been a year since Jen finally finished her home and invited us in to take a look, via the pages of Architectural Digest. And by the by: What we saw was not the sad hovel of a lonely spinster — which is how the tabloids treat her — but a booze-loving lady’s party pad.

Jen’s mansion has a biometric security system for the wine cellar and a professional caterer’s kitchen. The lighting is soft, and the seating and beds are low, so you can totally get drunk and lie down anywhere in the house. (More pictures here.) How can she leave it all behind? Well, Jen recently bought two apartments in New York’s West Village, and she plans to combine them into one whopper of a 2,700 duplex penthouse, but we seriously doubt there will be any reflecting pools, and you can’t have a wine cellar on the 18th floor! Although: Her new place does have a 900 square foot terrace. The parties are going to be different, that’s for sure. But there’s no doubt she’ll continue to throw them. As Jen told AD last year, people are always coming over, and she’s always in the kitchen. She added: “I entertain for a living, and I entertain.” We just want an eVite!

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