Former Teenager Who Was Raped By Roman Polanski Is Writing a Memoir


The 13-year-old who Roman Polanski raped — hey, people/Associated Press, let’s remember he was not “convicted of having sex with” her but convicted of forcing a young teenager to have oral, anal, and vaginal sex with him — is now 47 and writing a tell-all memoir called The Girl: Emerging from the Shadow of Roman Polanski. According to Atria Books, Samantha Geimer will provide “insight into many dimensions of the story” that we’ve never heard before. Should be interesting; you may recall how Geimer said she forgave Polanksi and blamed the media for not really caring about her rape when she appeared on Larry King back in 2010.

Regardless of what she has to say, people will probably continue to talk about how it’s all cool because Polanksi is really good at making movies and it was, like, so long ago.

Former teen who had sex with Polanski writing book

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