Fourth Woman Is Expected to Testify in Danny Masterson Rape Trial

Jane Doe #4 will tell the court the That 70s Show actor raped her while she was intoxicated, too, only to help back up the other women's stories.

Fourth Woman Is Expected to Testify in Danny Masterson Rape Trial
Photo:Lucy Nicholson (Getty Images)

It’s been nearly three weeks of testimony in Danny Masterson’s rape trial. So far, the court has heard from three Jane Does, all of whom allege the That 70’s Show star violently sexually assaulted them. Now, Judge Charlaine F. Olmedo said she’ll allow a fourth to testify.

Masterson faces just three felony charges of forcible rape, but Deputy District Attorney Reinhold Mueller argued that given Masterson’s team’s insinuation that the three Jane Does—all former Scientologists—colluded against Masterson and the Church of Scientology, the court should hear from a fourth victim who has never had an association with Scientology. Mueller asserted the jury should note that another woman is “out there with similar experience with Mr. Masterson, who also was interviewed” by the LAPD. The judge, who initially barred the fourth Jane Doe’s testimony, finally agreed.

“I feel sandbagged,” defense attorney Philip Cohen said after the decision. According to Court TV, Doe #4 is set to take the stand on Wednesday. She is qualified as a “prior bad acts witness,” as seen just down the hall in Harvey Weinstein’s second sex abuse trial.

Like Masterson’s other accusers, Doe #4 said Masterson raped her while she was intoxicated at his Los Angeles home in 1996. Previous allegations from all of the Jane Doe testimony assert that Masterson violently raped them. Thus far, Doe #1, who knew Masterson casually, described regaining consciousness in his bed as he was penetrating her. When she attempted to fight back, she says he restrained her, putting his hands around her neck and wrists. “He squeezed really, really hard,” she said, adding that she thought she was “going to die.” She also told the court he threatened her with a gun during a second assault. Doe #2 likened him to a “predator” and alleged that he raped her after a party in his home. Finally, Doe #3, who dated Masterson from 1996 to 2001, alleged that he repeatedly assaulted her while she was unconscious. “There would be no asking, no loving,” she testified. “A lot of times, it would happen where I would be asleep and I would wake up to him having sex with me. That was normal. It was the only thing I knew.” Masterson has pleaded not guilty and vehemently denied all allegations.

Lisa Marie Presley, a former Scientologist, who was said to testify, will no longer take the stand, nor will famed Hollywood attorney, Marty Singer. Jury deliberations will reportedly begin on November 18.

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