Fox News Has Crazy New Idea of Putting 4 Women on One News Show


Fox News announced today that the news network of choice for the hate-poisoned elderly will soon be launching an innovative new show called which will feature four female panelists and — wait for the twist, guys; it’s so good! — ONE DUDE. It’s called “Outnumbered” and it will for sure be a gigantic leap forward for American discourse. Think of it as news and commentary strong enough for a man, but pH balanced just for us.

Outnumbered” (a title which implies that the audience will be emphasizing with the sole man on the panel rather than any of the female panelists, but whatevs) will feature personalities from Fox’s stable of commentators. According to Mediate, it will be kind of like The Five, but, you know, the point of it is that it’s with “a female power dynamic,” as emphasized by the giant period laid flat in the logo. Speaking of things that are For Ladies: the letter O, which is round like breasts and pregnant bellies and ovaries. O also stands for Oprah.

I’m sad Fox News didn’t just go all out with the male/female dynamic gimmickry here, call the show THE SYNC and only air it once a month rather than every day at noon.

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