From One Gal To Another, I Bid You Adieu


I was hoping to spend some more time here today doing things that would be interesting to readers, but apparently all you want from me is pictures of “sweaty cock.” Fine by me! Either way, it’s been the realest, gals.

Thank you so much for being good sports about this. Your text messages and emails were surprisingly kind. This was so much more fun than I thought it would be. You’re not the evil screeching lesbian femi-nazi monsters people say you are. Most of you. And, no, your Jezebel isn’t ruined forever. Normalcy returns tomorrow.

I encourage you to pop by Deadspin every now and again to say hello. Or you can just follow me on Twitter or something. Frankly, Deadspin rarely writes about actual sports anymore anyway, so I’m sure you’ll find something of interest.

On that note, let’s part company on good terms. Now go get drunk and make out with random people. You’ve earned it. We will end with a song that’s pretty much a favorite of half the girls I know. So I’m sure some of you will like it.



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