Fuck, This American Horror Story Teaser Kinda Makes Me Wanna Watch It


Every season of American Horror Story starts out promising then goes wildly off the rails. It’s the case with most Ryan Murphy productions from Popular to the present—Feud, the American Crime Story anthologies, and Pose being some recent exceptions.

I know this. I’ve known this—for years! And yet… this teaser for American Horror Story: Apocalypse, spotted by E! News, looks promising.

It has everything you want in a TV show: Sarah Paulson, weird bingo, overzealously penciled-in eyebrows. Also working in this new season’s favor is the fact that it’s bringing back characters from Murder House and Coven, two of the seasons I watched in full before I stopped watching this show for good.

I don’t know. Should I watch? Should I not watch? Sound off in the cromments b elwo!

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