Funny Lady Emily Heller Is a Psychic to the Stars in Hilarious New Webseries


At least, this is what I believe will be happening. I’m not totally sure, but if the first episode with the delightful and also extremely sexually attractive Reggie Watts is any indication, then I am correct, and also: ROWR. (You can’t see me but I’m doing pelvic thrusts in your direction.) (You’re welcome) (I’m sorry.)

OK, we have confirmation! I’ve emailed with Emily and my hunch IS correct, and even better, she answered a few questions for us. Hooray for accommodating funny ladies!

Jezebel: Where did the idea come from?
Emily: The idea came from a couple places. One was my old roommate Chris Burns who would give me hilarious, super dry tarot card readings when we lived together. She is genuinely knowledgeable about them. But I also realized soon after that I could give people tarot card readings with basically no knowledge. It didn’t even have to be a tarot deck. I’m that good at BS-ing. Anyway, a couple years later, I was trying to think of an excuse to be mean to people I respect and it all came together.

Jezebel: What can we expect in future episodes?
Emily: There are 5 more episodes to come — featuring Kal Penn, Janeane Garofalo, Kenan Thompson, John Mulaney, and Jorma Taccone (who also directs). We talk apocalypse, roommate situations, money grubbing, and failed sponsorships.

Jezebel: Are you really psychic?
Emily:I don’t know if I’m really psychic. My mom thinks I am. She also thinks she is. I think we like to remember when we were right, and never when we were wrong. That being said, you are definitely gonna give me a hundred bucks.

Jezebel: Where can we see more of you?
Emily:You can see more of me in these places! I co-host a podcast with the delightful cartoonist Lisa Hanawalt called Baby Geniuses, I’ll be on Conan on March 26th, I was on the 3rd season of John Oliver’s New York Stand Up Show on Comedy Central [and] there are clips of me talking about feminism from that episode on Comedy Central’s website; I run two stand up shows in New York — The Afterlife at the Sidewalk Cafe on Tuesdays at 8pm, and Fresh Out! at UCBeast on Thursdays at 9pm, I’m on twitter at @MrEmilyHeller, and all my tour dates are on my website.

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