Gay Rumors For Daniel Craig; Gary Coleman Hospitalized, In Critical Condition

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  • The National Enquirer is reporting that Daniel Craig was making out with a dude in the parking lot of a California gay bar. “It was definitely Daniel, and he was most certainly making out with a guy,” said the witness.
  • He continues, “Daniel kissed his friend on the lips. It was an open-mouth passionate French kiss. In fact, Daniel held the guy’s head in his hands and pulled him in for the kiss!” In addition to the source, here’s another reason to doubt this story: Craig is engaged to film producer Satsuki Mitchell. [ONTD]
  • Lindsay Lohan met with her probation officer today to show that she has prescriptions for Adderall and Ambien. The SCRAM people will be notified that she’s allowed to take the drugs. [TMZ]
  • Lindsay Lohan has to call her probation officer every night to see if she’ll have to come in for a drug test the next day. [TMZ]
  • Check out the posters Lindsay Lohan shot for her new film Inferno at the link. [TMZ]
  • Willie Nelson says, “I love Lindsay Lohan. We named a poker game after her. The best low hand wins. So we say let’s play LINDSAY LOHAN. So we say good luck Lindsay.” [X17]
  • Michael and Dina Lohan sat down today with their lawyers and worked out their child support dispute. “Dina and I are finally on the same page and there are 15 pages to prove it,” says Michael. [Radar]
  • Gary Coleman was admitted to a Utah hospital yesterday and is in critical condition. There’s no official word on why he’s there, but his brother-in-law says he suffered a head injury after a fall. [TMZ]
  • Elin Nordegren‘s attempts to avoid Tiger Woods are taking her all over the world! Now she’s planning a trip to China. [Radar]
  • Poor Tiger Woods. His legal team won’t let him date until his divorce is finalized. “Elin’s building a character case [based on his serial philandering],” says a source. “Elin’s team is watching [Tiger’s] every move.” [Us]
  • A judge has denied Mindy McCready‘s request for a gag order against her mother. [Radar]
  • Today a judge denied Dr. Conrad Murray‘s request to forgive the $16,000 in back child support he owes his ex-wife. [TMZ]
  • The Jackson family had Michael Jackson‘s kids autograph $1,500 commemorate belts to raise money for the Jackson family museum, but this may be illegal because it wasn’t authorized by the executors of MJ’s estate. [TMZ]
  • Here’s a recording of the 911 call Brittany Murphy‘s mom made when she found Simon Monjack dead. [TMZ]
  • Vivid released Kendra Wilkinson‘s sex tape yesterday. Click through for the NSFW preview. [HuffPo]
  • Tommy Lee Jones will appear in the movie Captain America: The First Avenger. []
  • The man accused of stealing Kirsten Dunst‘s purse on the set of Spider-Man three years ago claims he was a drug dealer invited to supply the film’s stars. [N.Y. Post]
  • Disney is shutting down SoapNet and replacing it with a Disney Junior network for pre-schoolers. [Perez]
  • Bruce Beresford-Redman was in court today trying to regain custody of his kids, who are staying with his parents since he’s suspected of his wife’s murder. [TMZ]
  • In his Nightline interview, Jesse James said he isn’t a racist, but his former step-mother insists, “I heard him use the N word a bunch of times… I don’t know if I’d call Jesse a white supremacist or not but he’s definitely racist. He didn’t like Mexican people either. He always referred to them as wetbacks”. [Radar]
  • Here are some childhood photos of Jesse James. [E!]
  • Breaking: Aretha Franklin has highlights. [TMZ]
  • Rickey Minor, who has been the band leader on American Idol for the past six seasons, is mad because he’s leaving the show to lead the Tonight Show band, but no one thanked him or wished him well on last night’s finale. [TMZ]
  • Crystal Bowersox and her boyfriend split on the morning of the American Idol finale. “[My boyfriend] Tony, he went home. He wasn’t cool with the lifestyle,” she said. “We’re both logical, grown adults. He’s a small town guy and it’s fine. But I’m a small town girl but I want this. I want this more than anything – this career, this lifestyle. I didn’t think he was up for it. He didn’t think he was up for it.” [People]
  • Crystal Bowersox nearly died when she took her stepmom’s car for a joyride when she was 14 and flipped the car. [Star]
  • Before performing on the American Idol finale, Bret Michaels said, “The doctors, I didn’t tell them I was going to do this. I never told them I was coming here. They’re going to find out in a few minutes!” As for his family, “I may not have told them, either.” [Us]
  • “Could Bret Michaels Be Simon‘s Replacement?” [Extra]
  • “Can Ellen Do For Music What Winfrey Did For Books?” [AP]
  • ZOMG, it’s Shiloh Jolie-Pitt‘s fourth birthday! [Radar]
  • No charges will be filed against Heather Locklear for her “no parking” sign hit-and-run because there isn’t enough evidence to prove she was behind the wheel. [Star]
  • Matt Weiner has obviously been reading my Mad Men fanfic: Kiernan Shipka has been promoted to a series regular, meaning we’ll see even more Sally Draper in season four. [ONTD]
  • Katy Perry jokingly slaps Russell Brand in the video at the link when he threatens to sell their kitten. [The Sun]
  • This isn’t a good sign: Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher‘s new movie The Killers won’t be screened for critics before its release. [AP]
  • Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are renewing their wedding vows for their sixth anniversary on June 5. “We realized the bets in Vegas [on whether we’d make it] stopped at five years, so we’re really looking forward to this one,” said Anthony. [Us]
  • When asked if he’ll appear in Playgirl, True Blood‘s Ryan Kwanten said, “No, man. No!” [E!]
  • Tomorrow Sarah Ferguson will tape an episode of Oprah, which will air on Tuesday. [People]
  • Fergie is “swamped” with job offers in New York. [CBS News]
  • Even Donald Trump has offered Sarah Ferguson a job! “Donald Trump himself wants to help Sarah out of this awful mess that she has gotten herself into and is discussing finding Sarah a role on his hit show ‘The Apprentice,'” says a TV executive. “It’s not yet clear if Sarah would compete, judge or be Donald’s eyes and ears on the next season of the ‘Apprentice’ — not the celebrity version. However, what is clear is that whatever Donald wants, he usually gets.” [Popeater]
  • As mentioned in Midweek Madness, 50 Cent lost 50 pounds to play a cancer-stricken football player in Things Fall Apart. [People]
  • Check out the trailer for Morning Glory, starring Rachel McAdams and Harrison Ford, at the link. [People]
  • Emma Roberts has been cast in Scream 4. [ONTD]
  • Oliver Stone says that in the years since he shot the first Wall Street movie, it “got ridiculous, and I mean it’s insane. It became a financial casino.” [CNN]
  • On The View Jennifer Love Hewitt talked about the anonymous boyfriend who cheated on her. “I was really curious, I knew in my gut that something was going on,” she said. “I checked, and I found that out of the almost two year relationship, for a year and a half, he had been having relationships not just with one woman, but a few.” [ONTD]
  • Kate Gosselin‘s kids are on the cover of this week’s People for a pointless update on “Their Lives Now.” Inside, she says, “Cara was upset with me because I forgot to sign them up for something at school. I said, ‘Cara, I had a really rough year. This is a new year. You’ve got to give me that. Let’s start over.’ So I’ve really worked to keep my word with them.” [People]
  • The final Harry Potter films will finish filming in the next two weeks. “I feel like someone is dying,” said Emma Watson. “This kind of love and recognition is just incredible. It is also really emotional for me. I am proud.” [People]
  • Check out these photos of the movie’s final scene, featuring adult Ron Weasley. [ONTD]
  • Tyra Banks says Barack Obama was her most thrilling interview subject on her talk show. “I was so nervous, sick to my stomach and my hands were shaking,” she said. “I asked him to look into the crystal ball and said, ‘What do you see in your future, Senator?’ And without hesitation he replied, ‘The White House.’ That clip ran on CNN and every national morning show. I’ll never forget being a part of political history.” [People]
  • In an interview with GQ, Megan Fox complains about the way Disney treats stars like Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens. “They take these little girls teach them how to sing and dance, and make them wear belly shirts, but they won’t allow them to be their own people,” she says. “It makes me sick. I would never issue an apology for my life and for who I am. It’s like, Oh, I’m sorry I took a naked, private picture that someone sold for money. You shouldn’t have to apologize. Someone betrayed Vanessa, but no one’s angry at that person. She had to apologize. I hate Disney for making her do that.” [ONTD]
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