Genius Black Bear Cures Chocolate Cravings With a Little Breaking and Entering


After finding an out-of-place chocolate tin and a little bit of dirt on the store’s countertop, Jo Adams, owner of a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory franchise in Estes Park, Colorado, suspected that a squirrel had managed to get into her shop overnight. Upon viewing the security footage, however, Jo discovered that she was, in fact, dealing with something much, much bigger than a bushy-tailed tree rodent. The real culprit behind the few missing truffles was actually a fully-grown black bear who, using its genius bear brain, was able to break in and help itself to some chocolate treats. When reached for comment, the bear, who was found lounging in a sweatband and pair of legwarmers, offered a singular “AACK!” before lumbering deeper into its cave.

Bear With Sweet Tooth Breaks Into Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory In Estes Park [HuffPo]

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