George R.R. Martin Might Add Another Book to A Song of Ice and Fire


Bad/good/terrifying/delightful news, nerds! George R.R. Martin’s editor Anne Groell mentioned in an interview that while A Song of Ice and Fire (that’s the series Game of Thrones is based on, if you’re some jock who prolly has sex or whatever) has long been planned and under contract as a seven-book series, there might be enough material for eight books.


Via Vulture:

I begin to wonder — though 7 is what we currently have under contract. I remember when he called me, years and years back, to confess that his little trilogy was … well … no longer a trilogy. He predicted four books. I said Seven Books for Seven Kingdoms. Then he said five books. I said Seven Books for Seven Kingdoms. Then he went to six. I said … Well, you get it. Finally, we were on the same page. Seven Books for Seven Kingdoms. Good. Only, as I recently learned while editing THE WORLD OF ICE AND FIRE (another awesome thing you must buy when it comes out!), there are really technically eight kingdoms, all having to do with who has annexed what when Aegon the Conqueror landed in Westeros. So, maybe eight books for Seven Kingdoms would be okay. Also, he has promised me that, when he finally wraps this great beast us, I can publish the five page letter outlining the bare bones of the “trilogy.”

Fans right now:

Personally, as a longtime fan of the books, I have no problem with GRRM stretching the series out to eight volumes instead of seven—as long as he ACTUALLY GETS THE SHIT DONE.

And if the final books turn out more like A Storm of Swords than A Feast for Crows, then it would rule because three kickass books is more books than two kickass books.

I didn’t read through 5,000 pages of heraldry and lamprey pie recipes to find out the three heads of the dragon via a GODDAMN TV SHOW. So do your thing, GRRM, and make it as long as you want. Just, you know, soonish? Maybe? Please? We are literally begging you.

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