Geraldo Rivera: Youth Is the Best Thing Women Can Bring to Marriage


Outnumbered on Fox News got a blast of “FANTASTIC” on Monday due to the presence of Geraldo Rivera, the token man chosen to sit center stage on the show’s white couch and weigh in on what he knows the most about: relationships.

Rivera was on for a full hour of conversations about immigration, how many vacations President Obama takes and Stephen Smith’s response to Ray Rice’s domestic abuse, but it wasn’t until the very end of the episode when they got to the lighter fare that he really brought out the classic Geraldo gems.

As Media Matters points out, after chastising co-host Ainsley Earhart for calling undocumented immigrants “illegals” and stating that “Ray Rice should be in jail,” Rivera further damaged his already lumpy track record by expressing some archaic ideas about women as part of a discussion about rise of “beta marriages.” (Because he’s had “a lot” of beta marriages, he’s an “expert” on the subject.):

I know this may provoke a Stephen Smith-like reaction, but I think essentially – although there’s an increase in two income marriages – generally speaking, the man is the breadwinner, more often than not, though now increasingly women do work. But what I think a woman brings to a marriage more than anything else, to a relationship, is her youth. Youth is a fragile and diminishing resource. So if a woman were to invest two years into one of these marriages and then to be rejected by the man, I think that she has given up a valuable asset that is unequal – in other words, the man gets everything and the woman gets nothing from this arrangement.

Is this your way of subtly apologizing to your four ex-wives Geraldo?

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