Get High On Sugar & Enter Mariah's 3D "Experience"


Flipping through the September magazines, you may come upon a four-page ad for Mariah Carey‘s fragrance collection, Lollipop Bling. A heavily Photoshopped MC floats on a pink cloud, in a sky strewn with clip-art-esque butterflies and candy. Wait, there’s more!

Turn the page, and you’ll get descriptions of the three scents — Honey, Mine Again and Ribbon — along with more amateurish, Lisa Frank-inspired sugary illustrations. And this message:

Sweeten the deal
Just go to and click on 3D Experience…

You don’t have to ask us twice! But when we first visited the site, what we found was a song called “Candy Bling” playing over and over and over and over again, and some features that did not work. “3D Experience COMING SOON,” read the copy. “8.10.10” So on the 10th, we checked again. The “coming soon” message was still there. We checked on the 11th. Nothing. Then, this morning, after downloading a plug-in, restarting the machine twice, changing browsers from Firefox to Safari and sitting through a few “downloading scenario” screens… Success! We slapped on some lipstick and entered Mariah Carey’s magical, confection-filled, sweet, sweet candyland!

Scintillating, isn’t it? Warning: You may get virtual candy in your eye.

Here’s the deal: You hold the ad up in front of your webcam, and get transported to a 3D candy wonderland where raspberries fall on your head. Every time you turn the page to the right, you’re in a new “scenario.” You will feel exactly like Mariah Carey, lambs. Promise!

P.S. We still don’t know what these fragrances smell like, but if we had to guess: Sweeter than a cotton candy-covered kitten made of gumballs and rolled in Pixy Stick powder? [Official Site]

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