Gifts From The Trump Dump: Donald Trump Merchandise to Suit Your Every Need


My friends, we are blessed. As of today, Donald Trump’s official campaign gear store is open for business. I know, I know: you’re overcome—for whom should you purchase that onesie? Those solo cups? Fear not, Jezebel is here to offer unto you the definitive Trump Dump Gift Guide.

Let’s keep our favorite constipated muskrat in our hearts and minds, and just begin.

Item The First: Official Donald Trump Onesie

This “boutique quality garment” manufactured by the notably ethical clothier American Apparel would delight the tender bottom of any man-baby.

Suggested recipients:

The men’s rights activist you rigorously avoid at family reunions, Mike Huckabee, Mel Gibson, Rush Limbaugh

Item The Second: Trump 2016 16 oz. Cups (Pack of Three)

At $20 for a pack of three, these “double wall insulated,” solo cup-esque beverage containers must not be wasted on a mere pedestrian beer pong enthusiast. We’re gift giving to make America great again, people. Let’s take this seriously.

Suggested recipients:

Incoming junior associates at Goldman Sachs, Chris Christie (to collect his tears as he bemoans Bruce Springsteen’s bitter hatred of him), the wad of raw beef at the back of your fridge that you occasionally sculpt into Donald Trump’s likeness

Item The Third: Make America Great Again! Spirit Pom (Set of 2)

Give these babies to the spunky pal in your life who will cheer us all straight to hell!

Suggested recipients:

Montana Master “Monty” Max, Sean Hannity, Mr. Burns, Ted Nugent

Item The Fourth: Trump Make America Great Again Structured Cap

We’ve selected a bold royal blue background to complement the menarche crimson triumphantly announcing Trump’s hallowed name.

Suggested recipients: Larry the Cable Guy, Dick Cheney, Walter Palmer (for the golf course, not for future hunting expeditions), Antonin Scalia

So, my loves, take this guidance and your credit card; it’s up to you to do the rest. I do beseech you, however, to refrain from gifting anything to that sociopathic weasel Ted Cruz—unless, of course, it’s this.

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