Gird Your Loins & DVRs: Sarah Silverman & Chris Pratt are Hosting SNL

Today, SNL announced via Twitter that it has its first two hosts of the show’s 40th season all lined up, and they’re pretty great. Hosting the season premiere on September 27th is none other than Star-Lord himself, Chris Pratt, and the following week, America’s Weed Princess Sarah Silverman will take her turn.

The announcements came today via the show’s twitter account. Rumors were swirling earlier that Bill Murray would also be returning to host in early fall, but that might have been something someone dreamed about and thought was real, like that time I had a dream my boyfriend made me try improv with a bunch of people who were really good at it and I was super embarrassed (because I am bad at it) and then I woke up and was actually a little bit mad at him for 10 minutes, like it had really happened.

Both hosts are excellent choices with comedic chops and adoring (borderline rabid) fanbases that will cut them a little slack if a sketch or two falls flat. And thank goodness. As a dad trying to impress his teen daughter’s friends might say: after a summer of bummer, we deserve a fall of LOL.

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