Gisele Alters Ankle Tattoo, Entirely Unrelated to Tom Brady

Sometimes a fresh tat is just a tat, right? Right??

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Gisele Alters Ankle Tattoo, Entirely Unrelated to Tom Brady
Photo:Taylor Hill/FilmMagic (Getty Images)

Welcome back to your weekly installment of Divorce Chronicles, where we chronicle divorce. Gisele Bündchen is likely going through one of the toughest seasons of her life as her marriage to Tom Brady unravels. But to the tabloids (ok fine, and us, but only when we’re making some grand-ish statement about heteronormative gender roles), celebrity divorce spells an even more convincing argument to speculate about every building Gisele visits, every lifestyle practitioner she sees, and what she does or does not put on her body.

Over the weekend, amid reports that she and Brady have bulked up on lawyers for their impending divorce battle, Gisele seems to have made changes to one of her tattoos on her ankle, according to Page Six. The original tattoo reportedly predates Gisele’s relationship with Brady, which kicked off when they met up for a blind date in 2006 and later married in 2009. But Page Six says “it’s possible the tweak is still symbolic,” because an entirely different tattoo on her body was dedicated to her late grandmother. Once a crescent moon tattoo with three stars sprinkled around it, the art on her ankle has morphed into what Page Six calls a “tree-like figure.” I personally am seeing a tree person or a forest nymph, but then again, why the hell are we studying Gisele’s ankles?

Look, I get it. In times of turmoil, sometimes the easiest way to feel in control of yourself and your turbulent emotional life is to get a new piercing or fresh ink, perhaps to remind yourself you can withstand pain. Even Pete Davidson is rumored to have removed that Kim K-inspired “my girl is a lawyer” tattoo (she has only passed the Baby Bar, for what it’s worth). That doesn’t necessarily mean a supermodel’s former ankle tat is some Khal Drogo “moon of my life”/“my sun and my stars” romantic declaration to her husband.

If supermodel Gisele Bündchen, for example, would like to order a seasonal pumpkin spice latte, it could just be because she enjoys the flavor and not because she is hoping to convey to the world that she’s spicy and won’t be pushed around by Tom’s lawyers. Gisele’s simply altering her body art, no reason to worry. It’s not like she’s taken off her rin—oh shit, nevermind.

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