God Forbid Any Star Should Miss Cartier's Centennial


How many stars does it take to celebrate Cartier’s 100th anniversary in America? Judging from the assemblage at the jeweler’s Fifth Avenue store – Anne! Kate! Demi! Rachel! Martha! Timberlake! Biel! – a lot.

The Good:

On most of us, this polka dot number would look like a sack. On Tory Burch, it’s suddenly a whimsical retro-revelation, not a bad skill in a designer.

I hate this cutout trend. It’s the modern equivalent of – I don’t know – bound feet or something else designed purely to designate unlimited leisure, in this case to tone one’s flanks. That said? Kate Hudson looks amazing.

I really like when Martha just embraces the old-school dowdy! Two-piece! Do it!

Demi Moore’s draped frock has just enough shape.

Do we notice a trend here? Rachel Weisz, with Demi, is ready for a draped Ascot Gavotte!

Dr. Lisa Alran’s whimsical frock is Irene Dunne charming! And that’s a compliment of a high order.

Sarah Winter has obviously found her perfect LBD.

And Kathleen Kennedy has found hers!

Jessica Biel is palying it extra-safe after the Oscars towel situation. This elegant ecru is a happy consequence!

The Bad:

The top half of Anne Hathaway’s dress is one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen. Then you scroll down and she’s for some reason wearing her little cousin’s skirt.

I actually love Erin Featherston’s silhouette, but the Barbie fabrication? (And you just know those pants have that distinctive, scratchy remembered Barbie gown texture.) Not so much.

Rachel Zoe literally looks like she’s playing dress-up in her mother’s closet. And is also sulking because her lollipop was taken away.

Petra Levin totally pulled a Scarlett before coming here.

This I will say, sans sarcasm: props to Daisy Olarte for not using a stylist.

What Say You?

We dig a dapper three-piece well-done…but would you say that’s true of JT? I have concerns about the tie pin.

Susan Fales-Hill is really in the spirit of the whole jewel thing. How’s that workin’ for ya?

[Images via Getty]

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