Goofy Law Sends Arizona Politico's Girlfriend To Jail After Domestic Dispute


On Friday night, Arizona State Senator Scott Bungaard and his girlfriend got in a jealousy-related scuffle on the way home from a fundraiser. Both Bungaard and his companion showed signs of a physical altercation, but only his companion was taken into police custody. Why? Legislative immunity, baby.

Arizona, America’s New Florida, has a law on the books that prevents elected lawmakers from being arrested during a legislative session, and thus it would have been in violation of the state constitution for Bungaard to have been hauled away.

The State Senator later released a statement wherein he offered to waive his specialpants privileges, and he still may be charged by the city attorney.

(Note to self: new life plan: 1. Move to Arizona. 2. Convince a bunch of people to elect me to public office. 3. Build giant illegal empire a la a female Tony Montana but with a slight Minnesota accent. 4. Never get arrested for anything. 5. PROFIT.)

Politician Avoids Jail Because Law Gives Him Immunity [Newser]

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