Grimes's New Song Sounds Like a Roll of Nickels


I mean, whatever: Grimes, “4ÆM” – It’s currently unclear if I am capable of being objective about the quality of Grimes’ new music, considering my first thought when I heard this song was: “This definitely sounds like a roll of nickels.” Anyway, the song is fine, but its clear that the lighting-in-a-bottle pop joy that permeated every fiber of Art Angels has completely evaporated from her production and lyricism. I imagine this song sounds perfectly ok when blasting through the speakers of the Tesla Cybertruck, orange wig on with her megalomaniac inventor boyfriend at her side, but playing through my computer speakers, I was left feeling despondent. The DNA that makes up Grimes core sound remains unchanged—frenetic rhythms and disembodied pixie vocals—but there is something hollow, if sleek, about the end result. Like rain on the cold, hard surface of the Cybertruck. (Can’t wait to hear the complete album, though!) —Joan Summers

Sure: Lizzo, “Good As Hell” (music video) – Here’s the thing: Lizzo originally released “Good As Hell”—with a music video—back in 2016. Releasing another feels like a cheap play at upping streaming numbers, or something, which isn’t great… but this band-geek video is pretty delightful, so I cannot completely deride it. It’s fun. Not “fun as hell,” but a decent ride all around. —Maria Sherman

Y: PRETTYMUCH ft. Iñigo Pascual, “Love” – While this song is far too overtly sexual for the traditional boy band crowd, I can’t get this sweet R&B melody out of my head. Etch it in stone, this is the moment I’ve fallen in “Love” with PRETTYMUCH. —MS

No to the video, yes to the song: Brockhampton, “Sugar” (music video) – Forget what I just said about PRETTYMUCH, the video for Brockhampton’s “Sugar” begins with fucking and a murder—two topics previously verboten in the boy band crowd—but I guess they like it? The song is much better than the visual, which tries way too hard, but that’s cool. We were all so lofty once. —MS

Yes: Kesha feat. Brian Wilson, “Resentment” – Country Kesha is back, this time with a Beach Boy. This ballad is worthy of radio play; let’s see if it gets some anyway. It is also a must-listen for anyone in a relationship on the verge of dissolution—not a sad or angry time of reflection, but a resentful one. —MS

Oh, why not: Jojo, “The Christmas Song” – I’m not sure why Foxborough’s finest cultural offering, JoJo, is singing a strangely flaccid rendition of “The Christmas Song” in what looks like the set of a Macy’s commercial, but something about her effort moves me. I like her voice and always have! Also support those boots, but we could and should talk about the hair. Anyway, December’s almost over (right?), so let’s just take what we can get and be merry. —Megan Reynolds

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