Gupta Is Officially Out, Kennedy Is Officially Old, & The GOP Is Officially Irrelevant


Sanjay Gupta won’t be joining the increasingly attractive Obama Administration, but Obama was chilling with Ted Kennedy at the Kennedy Center while the GOP continued to implode.

Former House Speaker and Congressional-staff-boinker Newt Gingrich is still running for President, which is why he took to the airwaves cable wires yesterday to blast Rush Limbaugh without apology, hoping his surprising display of testicular fortitude will be able to net him the nom in 2012. Plus, Rush Limbaugh is a jerk and the GOP actually doesn’t seem to know what the fuck it is doing, which is why they plan on escalating their attacks on Obama and crowing about how well they’re going to do during the midterm elections. But at least they won’t be doing it via Michael Steele’s blog, which he’s totally taken down now that the GOP is all about Twitter. Though at the point at which John McCain is twittering about how to manage beaver, Twitter might really be over.

In the meantime, pretty much every member of the new Administration was the subject of a long profile, interview or OpEd piece this weekend, including senior adviser David Axelrod, speechwriter Jon Favreau (Axelrod calls him “Mozart”!), Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (it was International Women’s Day and women’s rights are important!), Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner (needs a bigger staff!) and the Big Guy himself, who finally sat down for an interview with the New York Times after they kept whining about how it was a tradition that the Presidents give them the first interview. Oh, and let’s not forget Michelle Obama’s prom date who got interviewed about the blessed event.

In other news, Obama is all up in ur stemcells, overturning your research restrictions while Attorney General Eric Holder promises that the Civil Rights division of the department he now heads will finally get around to doing stuff on civil rights. Ted Kennedy had his big birthday party at the Kennedy Center (it’s good to be a Kennedy), Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi cursed one another out and Eliot Spitzer probably choked a prostitute. Oh, and Sanjay Gupta will not be the next Surgeon General of General Hotness which means people are floating Howard Dean’s name yet again even though he’s apparently really, really not getting an Administration appointment, people, geez. For the millions and millions the health care industry has donated to politicians over the years, they get to decide.

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