Gwyneth Paltrow Also Broke the Internet, According to Gwyneth Paltrow

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Long long loooooooong before Kim Kardashian “broke the internet” with that Paper cover featuring her pouring champagne into her butt, Gwyneth Paltrow broke the internet by pouring verbal champagne into our collective butts. At least, that’s the way our Lady of Goopelupe tells it.

POPSUGAR reports:

During an appearance at the Fast Company Innovation Festival in NYC on Tuesday, the Iron Man actress was refreshingly candid during an interview with Katie Couric and Goop CEO Lisa Gersh about the now-iconic “conscious uncoupling” phrase she used to describe the end of her marriage to Chris Martin. “Even if you look back at the time my husband and I were separating and the philosophy of ‘conscious uncoupling,’ we broke the f*cking Internet,” she said. “Even though we did it in an inelegant way — because it was such an emotional time and we didn’t give it as much context and didn’t explain [that it] wasn’t something that I was inventing — it was already an established theory.”

Someone please tell Kim and Gwyneth that the internet still works just fine.

Well, this is sweet as all get-out.

Thanks a lot, Aziz and Shoukath Ansari! Now I am tearing up at work.

Yuh-oh! Brandon Walsh/Jason Priestley got thrown from a horse and is now concussed! TMZ was “told he fell hard Monday and then beelined it for the ER. He stayed in the hospital overnight because he says he has a history of concussions and a neurologist needed to noodle over the impact of the fall. Turns out he did indeed suffer another concussion.”

Get well soon, Brandon. [TMZ]

  • This headline should take a Xanax.
  • Seth Rogan and Justin Bieber squashed their beef and finally the world can rest easy. [Page Six]
  • Of course, Jeremy Renner’s favorite swear word is “cunt.” [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Jessa Duggar never googles herself. I’m assuming that “google” is a weird Christian reference to masturbation. [THG]
  • Gabourey Sidibe is “not purposely trying to be the face of anything.”
  • She continues: “This week has been very strange because I did one love scene, and I said one paragraph about it, and now my Twitter has been blowing up for the last five days. That’s a lot of responsibility! I don’t necessarily do it on purpose, but the thing is I can’t ever decide to be anything other than a plus-sized, dark skinned black actress. There are no other options… Being the face of this also isn’t an option for me. It’s just what comes along with it.” [MTV]

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