Happy Equal Pay Day Specifically to Michelle Williams & No One Else

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Happy Equal Pay Day Specifically to Michelle Williams & No One Else
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Today is Equal Pay Day, a symbolic marker of how much further into the year (white) women must earn to make the same salary as men the year prior. Luckily for Michelle Williams, she no longer needs to wait until April to make the 2018 equivalent of her male costars.

“[On the job I completed two weeks ago — let me tell you something — I was paid equally as my male co-stars,” she said at an Equal Pay Day rally on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, according to Page Six.

Williams famously earned only $1000 in 2017 for reshoots to Ridley Scott’s All the Money in the World, which were necessitated after Scott replaced Kevin Spacey with Christopher Plummer. Co-star Mark Wahlberg, meanwhile, made $1.5 million off the reshoots, prompting some well-deserved outrage. (Wahlberg later donated the money to the Time’s Up fund.)

Now, Williams is making the same as the boys. Though it’s not clear which project she referenced at the rally, last summer it was reported she’d be paid the same as her male co-stars for her role in FX’s upcoming Bob Fosse series, Fosse/Verdon.

Of course, while it’s nice that Williams is making as many millions as the men she works with, it doesn’t change the fact that women in America are paid about 80 cents to men’s dollar. That number dips to 61 cents for black women, and 53 cents for Latina women. Williams acknowledged that parity at Tuesday’s rally:

“It simply reinforced my life long belief that equality is not an inalienable right. And that women would always be working just as hard for less money while shouldering more responsibility in their homes,” she said. “If it’s this way for me — a white woman in a glamorized — how were my sisters suffering across their professions?”

[Page Six]

People are super disinterested in the royal family now that they don’t do anything but make babies, so British tabloids are hard at work coming up with fun drama that may or may not be true, but is certainly entertaining. This week in Kensington Throwdown: Kate Middleton is a “Vaporiser-in-chief.” I wish this meant she was the impending Queen of Juuling, but alas. Per News.au.com:

For the past eight years, the Duchess of Cambridge has walked around with that honking huge diamond and sapphire engagement ring on her left hand, a ceaseless, priceless, hefty reminder of her tragic mother-in-law. Now, sadly, she has been lumped with another unfortunate link Diana: Experiencing just how brutally the press can change its tune. Goodbye cheerful fashion updates, hello to a veritable orgy of negative press.
Over the weekend, a story appeared in London’s The Times which dubbed Kate the “Vaporiser-In-Chief” and focused on her alleged falling out with her Norfolk neighbour, Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley. “No one wins against Kate,” we are told and that “Meghan, of course, is the next person Kate will eliminate.”
Yowser. This depiction of Kate is one of a woman who is crafty and who cruelly amputates friends when she decides they are persona non grata. That image is galaxies apart from the carefully honed construct of bland perfection we have been fed for years. We will likely never know if there is any truth in The Times piece but what is apparent is just how dramatically the narrative about the future Queen has changed in less than a year.

I stand by my theory that married people are boring, and that married people with babies are even more boring, no matter how many Crown Jewels they’ll eventually inherit.

We’re stuck hearing about these boring couples and their cute, boring babies until those babies finally grow up and wear their own Nazi costumes to fancy dress parties, so, in that vein, the Vaporiser-in-chief is our only hope for intrigue for at least a decade. Bless you, Kate.


  • Speaking of dramatic royals, Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew are NOT back together. [Us Weekly]
  • Kit Harington and Rose Leslie went outdoors separately, wild. [Just Jared]
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