Happy Tears! Hospital Surprises Sick Kids With Snowy Winter Wonderland


It isn’t often that Atlanta, Georgia sees a lot of snow, but that changed this holiday season for the kids of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, a pediatric hospital, where the staff arranged a special surprise snowfall for the patients on the evening of December 2nd.

“What more magical and childlike than snow — especially in Atlanta?” said a spokeswoman from the hospital.

“It all started out as a desire to do something big for our patients,” she explained. “It’s such a special time of year and kids in the hospital don’t get to celebrate.”

“On a 57-degree day in a city that rarely sees snow in its weather forecast, dozens of kids—many of them tethered to I.V. poles and wearing surgical masks—caught their first snowflakes, made their first snow angels and, for a few brief minutes, traded the title of “patient” for “kid,” the hospital described on their YouTube channel where they’ve posted a video of the children laughing and playing in the snow.


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